Full Moon in Libra

This full moon is bringing focus back to relationship after 2 weeks of tuning into the self.

The full moon in Libra is happening on Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 9:34pm PT and Thursday, April 6, 2023 at 12:34am ET.

The full moon is a time of peak and heightened energy. With the moon shining brighter than any other time in the lunar cycle, it illuminates patterns, behaviors, and situations we need to see in order to deepen in our healing.

The full moon invites us to find balance between the opposing forces of the sun (in Aries) and the moon (in Libra). Since the New Moon in Aries a couple weeks ago, we have held focus and attention on the self. Now, with this Full Moon in Libra, we’re being called to focus on love, relationships, balance, and harmony. 

This Libra Full Moon asks us to find balance between our personal desires and the needs of others. It shines a light on our need for independence while also holding a desire for greater connection and balance in relationship.

Libra reminds us that in order to find balance we must be willing to go within to witness, honor, hold, and accept all of our parts – especially those that we may have forgotten, neglected, or hid away.

Libra is here to show us that love is the way, inviting us to bring attention and care to any hurts we’ve been holding onto.

Relationships are the key to our healing, and the light is shining down on love, vulnerability, intimacy, boundaries, connection, and letting go.

We’re being called to deepen our understanding that when we choose to find healing within, we bring healing without – into the external, into the collective, into the world at large.

Soften into the darkness within you, shine your light, your love, into the parts of you that feel most tender and longing. Deepen your presence and acceptance of self so that you may do that for others.

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April 5, 2023


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