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I credit my healing to the power of HypnoBreathwork®. It was through this modality that I found connection to my body, released years of stored traumas and emotions, discovered my mission and purpose, and learned to trust myself again.

Before finding HypnoBreathwork®, I believed that I would never find healing and that the limitations of my past would always prevent me from making the changes I so desperately wanted in my life.

I've witnessed the potential for healing and releasing limiting subconscious beliefs firsthand - in myself and in my clients.

While I am a gentle healer and guide, it is my personal belief that you are who you've been searching for. You're the healer, you're the wise and loving adult you needed as a child, it's you. So let me help you find that part of you that you've been searching for in the external world.

Hi, I'm Kaycee. I've mastered the art of healing and integration so you don't have to do it alone.

hello, beautiful soul


We host monthly family dinners at our house, to ensure we don't get to the holidays only to realize we haven't seen our favorite people all year long. Our house is small, and family big, but it means the world to make time for those that mean the most. We eat and laugh, enjoying each others' company all throughout the year this way.

family dinners

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I almost never drink alcohol these days, which is such a change from my early adult years, but when I do, I always go for something bubbly (mostly because it looks pretty and feels festive).

a glass of prosecco

no. 02


I was raised on country music and rock and roll, but my new favorites post spiritual awakening include Trevor Hall, Sol Rising, Fia, Beautiful Chorus, Jai Jagdeesh, DJ Taz Rashid, and solfeggio frequencies. Picture me singing at the top of my lungs with the windows rolled down and wind in my face. That's my vibe.

soulful playlists

no. 03


I love the feeling, the smell, everything about holding a physical book in my hands. I love walking the aisles at Barnes & Noble. I love curling up with a good book, whether for pure enjoyment or for personal development. There's nothing better than finding a good book in my opinion.

paperback books

no. 04


Growing up we spent so much time in nature. Between camping, hiking, and exploring, nature is part of who I am at my core. I remember gazing up in the night sky staring at the moon and the stars, contemplating the meaning and purpose of life. I often feel a pull within to get back to nature, so I like to garden or go on walks to feel more connected.

getting back to nature

no. 05


I conspired with the Universe when I found him. We were set up on a blind date in 2010 and quickly fell in love. We got married in 2013, but he claims I never actually said YES to his proposal - honestly I don't remember anything but the sparkles filling my head from the diamond ring. Through ups and downs, I'm so grateful to have married my best friend.

my husband, Stephen

no. 06


I'm big on textures and feeling when it comes to clothes, but my absolute favorites are giant, super soft sweaters. You might be surprised how many sweaters I own, since I live in Arizona and the temps in summer get up to the 120's.

oversized, cozy sweaters

no. 07


I had my son when I was 20, and soon after, my purpose and driving force was to live for him. We've always had a deep soul connection, and he's one of my favorite humans in this world. Raising a teenager is no joke, but I am deeply grateful to be his mom.

my son, Jalen

no. 08


I am a Scorpio (water sign), so my happy place is in the water with some essential oil soaked epsom salts. When 2020 brought the corporate world home to work, I discovered the pleasure of taking midday baths. At about noon every day, my whole bathroom is filled with rainbow lights from the leaked sunlight pouring in, so it makes baths even more magical.

epsom salt baths

no. 09


I was a little late to the pandemic sourdough craze, but it finally caught up with me. I eat gluten free, so learning to bake my own bread has come with challenges and triumphs. I have learned over the last few years to always be learning, and this is my newest focus.

sourdough baking

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a few favorites...


WHAT exactly IS

One session is like doing two years of traditional talk therapy because it gets you out of your mind and into your body where the healing takes place.


inhale, inhale, exhale

What is HypnoBreathwork®? 

HypnoBreathwork® is a transformative  experiential therapy created by Francesca Sipma that blends conscious connected breathwork, hypnosis, and visioning to release unprocessed emotions, reprogram subconscious beliefs, access elevated states of consciousness, and intuitive action to bring you into higher alignment so you can live a life of purpose and connection.

What is the breath pattern?

HypnoBreathwork® uses an accelerated breath pattern with a two part inhale and one part exhale. The inhales are done through the nose and the exhales are done through the mouth. This can be modified as needed if you are unable to breathe through your nose. Take your first inhale into your belly, second inhale into your chest, and let the exhale fall out.

How long is a session?

Each HypnoBreathwork® session is between 25-35 minutes. The active breathing is about 20-25 minutes and a 5-10 minute meditation at the end. A full coaching session lasts between 60-90 minutes, to ensure time for processing, integration, journal prompts, and intuitive insights. 

How do I know this will be good for me?

HypnoBreathwork® is a powerful technique if you are currently struggling or have experienced any of the following in the past:

  • anxiety or depression
  • chronic pain or inflammation
  • feeling easily triggered by others
  • feeling like you are in survival mode
  • traumatic experiences (big or small)
  • anxious or avoidant attachments in relationships
  • feeling stuck, blocked, lost, or alone
  • difficulty expressing yourself or setting boundaries
  • unprocessed emotions, fear of feeling, or numbing to life's experiences
  • aware of patterns playing out in your life but unsure how to make changes
  • feeling powerless or like a victim to life

Is there music?

Yes! I use music that is more primal, upbeat, and emotive to help you sync up your breath and drop into altered states of consciousness faster.

What do I need?

I would recommend having a journal and pen, something to cover your eyes, some headphones, and a flat place to lay with limited distractions. You may want a comfort item like a pillow to squeeze or release into or a blanket in case you get cold. You can set up your space with candles, crystals, tissues, or essential oils. 

What can I expect?

HypnoBreathwork® is an experiential therapy, meaning that you may experience physical sensations like buzzing, tingling, or even tetany in your sessions. You may also experience intense emotions, memories, or have visions. This is all perfectly normal. Just bring yourself back to the circular pattern of breathing.

What if I have physical sensations?

It's perfectly normal to have physical sensations, especially during your first few sessions. If you experience buzzing, tingling, or tetany, feel free to move your body. You can shake out your hands, your legs, stretch your body, get up and dance, really whatever you need to release give yourself full permission to let go. Just come back to your breath when you're done. 

What is tetany?

Tetany is an intense feeling of cramping, tingling, or numbing sensations in the hands, feet, or lips. In the hands it looks like lobster claws and in the lips it looks like pursing. The sensations usually dissipate by the end of the active breathing. It is really common in the first few sessions and it's nothing to be afraid of. It's a sign of energy moving through the body, so give into a shake to move that energy out.

What if I have emotions?

Emotions are really common and totally normal in breathwork practices. If you experience emotions, I recommend to give yourself space to process and feel them. Many of us are afraid we'll get lost in heavy emotions but the truth is if you sit in the emotion it will usually dissipate within 90 seconds. When you're done processing, just return to your circular breath.

What if I my thoughts get busy or loud?

This is called mental chatter, and it's completely normal. You may think of your to do list or what to eat for dinner. Bring your focus back to your breath and imagine using your breath to release each thought.

What if I feel resistant to the practice?

Resistance is common even if you have been practicing HypnoBreathwork® for awhile. My advice if you experience resistance at the start of your sessions, shake out that nervous energy so you can relax and drop in.

Can I practice with health conditions?

HypnoBreathwork® is not advised for those with cardiovascular disease, including angina or heart attack, high blood pressure, pacemaker, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, significant recent physical injuries or surgery. It is not recommended for those with seizure disorders or family history of aneurysms. Pregnant women and those with asthma should consult their doctor before practicing. 

What is the science?

HypnoBreathwork® changes the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body making the blood more alkaline. This stimulates different regions of the brain allowing the logical mind to take a break while activating the subconscious mind (which is the storehouse of emotions, memories, beliefs, and values). This allows your brain to make new creative connections.

How long does it take to drop in?

With the conscious connected pattern of breathing, you can access theta brainwaves within as little as 4 minutes.

The key principle of this practice is taking intuitive action from your sessions. Moving from the law of attraction to the law of action collapses time and brings you into your highest personal alignment.


Ready to do this?